David Raybould

So who the heck is David Raybould anyway?

David Raybould is a freelance direct response copywriter and conversion rate optimization specialist who divides his time between Austin, Texas and London, England.

He got his start by stumbling onto the online marketing world in 2004 and 2005, and quickly making six figures a year as an affiliate. Then, on discovering that his penchant for writing gave him an almost unfair advantage when it came to selling stuff online, he began devouring every single book and copywriting course he could find.

Eventually a friend of his hired David for $500 to write a “test” salesletter to see if he could sell their product. Multiple six figures later, word quickly spread and David found himself inundated with potential copywriting clients.

After a remarkably short time as a freelancer David was approached by direct response copywriting legend John Carlton and asked to become one of the Teaching Faculty for John’s Simple Writing System – the most famous and effective copywriting training system on the planet.

Fast forward almost a decade, and David continues to write hard-hitting, ass-kicking copy that makes his clients rich and flat out embarrasses their competition.He’s also trained dozens and dozens of up and coming copywriters and helped them develop world class skills.

Alongside that he also runs paid traffic to his own offers and affiliate products which gives him a unique perspective from other copywriters and Conversion Optimization Specialists.

When he’s not writing cash-spitting copy or fine-tuning a sales funnel to extravagantly profitable perfection, he spends his time playing basketball, playing guitar, writing fiction, or endlessly cleaning his aquarium.

David would like nothing more than to help improve your life by dramatically increasing your bottom line. Click the link below to get in touch now.

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